Tentative Program

October 11, 2021 (times are Eastern Daylight Time)

Time Paper# Title Authors Type
13:00-13:05   Welcome    
13:05-13:30   Invited Speaker 1: Ribana Roscher Deep Generative Models for Smart Agriculture  
13:30-13:55   Session: Seeds, Fruits and Roots    
  21 Machine learning and optimal transport meet distinctness in variety testing Geoffroy Couasnet (INRAe); Mouad Zine El Abidine (Université d’Angers); François Laurens (INRAe); Helin Dutagaci; David Rousseau (Université d’Angers) Full paper
  19 Analysis of Arabidopsis Root Images — Studies on CNNs and Skeleton-Based Root Topology Birgit Moeller; Berit Schreck; Stefan Posch (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) Full paper
  28 Identification and Measurement of Individual Roots in Minirhizotron Images of Dense Root Systems Alexander Gillert (Fraunhofer IGD); Bo Peters (Greifswald University); Uwe Freiherr von Lukas (Fraunhofer IGD); Jürgen Kreyling (Greifswald University) Full paper
  9 A Preliminary Study on Germinated Oil Palm Seeds Quality Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks Iman Yi Liao; Brandon Soo (University of Nottingham Malaysia); Ziyan Chen; Mohammad Fakhry Jelani; Choo Kien Wong; Wei Chee Wong (Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd.) Extended abstract
  34 Segmentation and recognition of high throughput soybean pods with a supervised edge attention network and synthetic datasets to extract pod harvestability traits Si Yang; Lihua Zheng; Minjuan Wang (China Agriculture University); Frédéric Boudon (Cirad); Tingting Wu; Shi Sun (CAAS); Peng He (Alibaba) Extended abstract
13:55-14:20   Session: Field Image Analysis    
  44 Field-Based Plot Extraction Using UAV RGB Images Changye Yang; Sriram Baireddy; Enyu Cai; Melba Crawford; Edward Delp (Purdue University) Full paper
  22 From RGB to NIR: Predicting of near infrared reflectance from visible spectrum aerial images of crops Masi Aslahi; Kevin G Stanley; Hema Duddu; Steve Shirtliffe (University of Saskatchewan); Sally Vali (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada); Kirstin Bett; Curtis Pozniak; Ian Stavness (University of Saskatchewan) Full paper
  36 Classification and Visualization of Genotype x Phenotype Interactions in Biomass Sorghum Abby Stylianou (Saint Louis University); Robert Pless (George Washington University); Nadia Shakoor; Todd Mockler (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center) Full paper
  23 Domain Adaptation for Plant Organ Detection with Style Transfer Chrisbin James; Yanyang Gu; Scott Chapman (The University of Queensland); Wei Guo (The University of Tokyo); Etienne David; Simon Madec (Arvalis); Anders Eriksson (University of Queensland) Extended abstract
14:20-14:45   Session: 3D and Segmentation    
  13 Enlisting 3D Crop Models and GANs for More Data Efficient and Generalizable Fruit Detection Zhenghao Fei ; Alexander G Olenskyj ; Brian N Bailey ; Mason Earles (University of California, Davis) Full paper
  43 Leaf Area Estimation by Semantic Segmentation of Point Cloud of Tomato Plants Takeshi Masuda (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) Full paper
  10 Transferring PointNet++ Segmentation from Virtual to Real Plants Ayan Chaudhury (INRIA); Peter Hanappe (Sony CSL Paris); Romain Azais (INRIA); Christophe Godin (INRIA); David Colliaux (Sony CSL) Extended abstract
  15 Stomata segmentation using deep learning Miguel Alonso (Universidad de La Rioja); Ángela Casado-García; Jónathan Heras (Universidad de La Rioja) Extended abstract
  20 Automated Surface Area Estimation of Plants based on 3D Point Clouds Lina M Zabawa; Laura Zabawa; Felix Esser; Lasse Klingbeil; Heiner Kuhlmann (Universität Bonn) Extended abstract
14:45-15:00   Break    
15:00-15:25   Invited Speaker 2: Peter McCloskey, Winnie Onyango, and Annalyse Kehs PlantVillage Nuru: An offline AI assistant for disease diagnostics in food crops  
15:25-15:45   Session: Regression & Classification Problems    
  42 Predicting Protein Content in Grain Using Hyperspectral Deep Learning Ole-Christian Galbo Engstrøm (Foss Analytical A/S); Erik Dreier (UCPH FOOD); Kim Steenstrup Pedersen (University of Copenhagen) Full paper
  52 An End-to-End Deep RNN based Network Structure to Precisely Regress the Height of Lettuce by Single Perspective Sparse Point Cloud Jingsong Li; Xiyue Guo; Ying Wang; Maowei Li; Lihua Zheng; Minjuan Wang (China Agricultural University) Extended abstract
  40 Time-Varying Metric Learning for Sorghum Genomic and Phenomic Predictions Zeyu Zhang (George Washington University); Abby Stylianou (Saint Louis University); Robert Pless (George Washington University) Extended abstract
  26 Estimating Leaf Water Content using Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Data Vishal Vinod; Rahul Raj; Rohit Pingale; Adinarayana Jagarlapudi (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay) Extended abstract
  38 Pretraining on growth stage from images facilitates Sorghum Biomass prediction John A Fozard (John Innes Centre) Extended abstract
15:45-16:10   Session: New Datasets & Apps    
  16 Semi-supervised dry herbage mass estimation using automatic data and synthetic images Paul Albert (Dublin City University); Mohamed M Saadeldin; Badri Narayanan; Brian Mac Namee (University College Dublin); Deirdre Hennessy; Aisling O’Connor (Teagasc); Noel O Connor; Kevin McGuinness (Dublin City University) Full paper
  45 Multi-Domain Few-Shot Learning and Dataset for Agricultural Applications Anirudh Tunga (Purdue University); Sai Vidyaranya Nuthalapati (Sensyne Health) Full paper
  53 What Does TERRA-REF’s High Resolution, Multi Sensor Plant Sensing Public Domain Data Offer the Computer Vision Community? David LeBauer (University of Arizona); Max Burnette (University of Illinois); Noah Fahlgren (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center); Rob Kooper (University of Illinois); Kenton McHenry (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Abby Stylianou (Saint Louis University) Full paper
  7 An extensive lab- and field-image dataset of crops and weeds for computer vision tasks in agriculture Michael A Beck (University of Winnipeg); Chen-Yi Liu (University of Manitoba); Christopher Bidinosti; Christopher Henry; Cara Godee; Manisha Ajmani (University of Winnipeg) Extended abstract
  39 InterFolia: an embedded, educational application to identify plant species in the wild Maxime Langlade; Carlos F Crispim-Junior; Debaleena Misra; Laure Tougne (Univ Lyon LIRIS) Extended abstract
16:10-16:35   Session: Leaf and Leaf Challenge    
  1 LeafMask: Towards Greater Accuracy on Leaf Segmentation Ruohao Guo; Liao Qu (China Agricultural University); Dantong Niu (University of California Berkeley); Zhenbo Li (China Agricultural University); Jun Yue (Ludong University) Full paper
  2 Tip-burn stress detection of lettuce canopy grown in Plant Factories Riccardo Gozzovelli (University of Rome Sapienza); Benjamin Franchetti; Malik Bekmurat (Agricola Moderna); Fiora Pirri (University of Rome Sapienza) Full paper
  41 Visualizing Feature Maps for Model Selection in Convolutional Neural Networks Sakib Mostafa; Debajyoti Mondal (University of Saskatchewan); Michael A Beck; Christopher Bidinosti; Christopher Henry (University of Winnipeg); Ian Stavness (University of Saskatchewan) Full paper
  24 The Effects of Model Certainty, Test-Time Augmentation, and Their Trade-Offs on Leaf Segmentation and Counting Douglas PS Gomes; Lihong Zheng (Charles Sturt University) Extended abstract
16:35-17:00   Session: Wheat Challenge    
  14 Dynamic Color Transform for Wheat Head Detection Chengxin Liu; Kewei Wang; Hao Lu; Zhiguo Cao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Full paper
  35 A Semi-self-supervised Learning Approach for Wheat Head Detection using Extremely Small Number of Labeled Samples Keyhan Najafian (University of Saskatchewan); Alireza Ghanbari (University of Qom ); Ian Stavness; Lingling Jin (University of Saskatchewan); Gholam Hassan Shirdel (University of Qom); Farhad Maleki (McGill University) Full paper
  32 WheatNet-Lite: A Novel LightWeight Network for Wheat Head Detection Sandesh P. Bhagat; Manesh B. Kokare; Vineet M Haswani (Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute Of Engineering and Technology Nanded); Praful Hambarde (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar); Ravi Kamble (Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute Of Engineering and Technology Nanded) Full paper
  17 Wheat Detection and Counting Solutions in Global Wheat Head Detection Dataset with Performance-Oriented Strategies Lujia Zhong (University of Southern California); Minjuan Wang (China Agricultural University) Extended abstract
17:00-17:15   General Discussion